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more than 6 months down

On February 10th was it half year down. It's a long time since I've seen my family and my friends and it's a long time I've spent here. A time with so many different and awesome adventures and a time I'm not gonna forget so fast. I feel good at this time of my journey but I really look forward to go back too. This month was a busy one. After school started again I had some changes relating to my schedule and some things changed in general.
Let's start with school: I had some issues with dropping my English LA Course. First of all you probably ask yourself why would she drop English? So, LA means Language Arts so you don't "learn" English like I used to in Switzerland. It's much more like a class where you read and analyse texts for example we read Lord of the Flies or short stories. I don't think I didn't learn anything, I surely did but I had issues with the people and the periods were just so boring. Thus, We, exchange students includ…