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the truth about being back home

dear exchange year

where did the time go? so many times back then, when i wanted to be back home and was so sad, thought i missed out on all the things that actually didn't happen. to all those times, i'm sorry, it's not worth thinking about this when you actually have the time of your life. you're in piece, nobody is bothering you and you live your life to the fullest, this is what all of this is about.

this past year i learned all the more about being independent and doing what is right for myself, for my soul and body. all the minutes i spent alone at home, all these minutes are the ones which teach us the most. sometimes you are alone and that is fine and it's what made me as a person stronger. every exchange year is unique and different and just because mine wasn't like my friend's, it's not stressing me because i used my time wisely and made progress. my own progress. expectations weren't fulfilled and don't be scared when you leave your h…


My unforgettable trip to California

Hi guys today I will tell you about my UNFORGETTABLE AMAZING trip to CALI!!
One week before the trip, I signed up because there were some spots open and I'm beyond grateful that I could go and my parents paid for it!! It was an unbelievably good trip!

My host mom drove me to the airport on March 3rd around 4 pm... but I woke up so easily because I knew where I'm off to :)! I made myself coffee and when we arrived at the airport I was on my own but that was no problem since it hadn't been my first time travelling by  plane alone. I got my ticket and went to my gate and first waited there for an endlessly long time.. you know I just wanted to be in Cali as fast as possible:)
I arrived after a loooooong time finally at the international airport in San Francisco and was looking for the group. I've already met some people at the airport and they were amazing!!! We spent two days in San Francisco and the rest in Los Angeles.

almost 9 months

Hi you guys

It's me. After a long break of not posting anything. Yes i have a lot to do and to be honest I was not really in the mood to write something or upload anything. I wanted the memories to stuck in my head and writing everything down is sometimes just an affliction. BUT I mean I wanna write it down to remember so I'm back now!! 
Anyways, I had a blast the last months and there weren't a lot of spectacular things that would be interesting to share, but of course for me there were. Just living here is crazy and living this life. I must say time really flies and I will go back and 25 days. How crazy is that?! It feels like I just came and now it's almost over. Beginning of April, Hannah came back, yes she surprised us and I was totally blown away and could not believe she is real! Together we surprised the other girls the next day at school and none of us really believed it at first. We spent two-three days together and did the normal things like going to the mall,…

7 months down

Hi guys,
I know I'm almost two months (i already wrote this but never uploaded it until now..) too late but my days are just really busy here and that's the reason for not uploading this post ealier!
Wow it's crazy how the time flies for me. Seven months here and that means I'm in the very last two months soon. It was a really normal months so there isn't a lot to tell you but let's see what I can find:)

We had a four days weekend and I was at my friends home for the whole weekend, because my host-family went cross-country skiing and I'm not very into it, so we decided I will stay in Louisville. It was an amazing weekend, we went to some stores and got a lot of material to start our book about the exchange year! We printed pictures at Target, ate at Panera Bread, got a ton of stickers (we definitely felt like four year olds) and for dinner we ate in a restaurant and got burgers. It was a lot of fun. 
On February 23rd during my US History class I got a message f…

more than 6 months down

On February 10th was it half year down. It's a long time since I've seen my family and my friends and it's a long time I've spent here. A time with so many different and awesome adventures and a time I'm not gonna forget so fast. I feel good at this time of my journey but I really look forward to go back too. This month was a busy one. After school started again I had some changes relating to my schedule and some things changed in general.
Let's start with school: I had some issues with dropping my English LA Course. First of all you probably ask yourself why would she drop English? So, LA means Language Arts so you don't "learn" English like I used to in Switzerland. It's much more like a class where you read and analyse texts for example we read Lord of the Flies or short stories. I don't think I didn't learn anything, I surely did but I had issues with the people and the periods were just so boring. Thus, We, exchange students includ…

five months down

Don't give up at half time. Concentrate on winning the second half.
Make good use of your time, it flies fast.

wow tomorrow is the day! already five months down! time flies over here and I wish you all a happy new year! I had a great start in 20I8 and I already experienced a bunch of things in only a week:) School started today and I have some new classes, I dropped soccer again and spent a lot of time with my family and my friends.

So I want to tell you guys about my fifth month: This was probably one of the best months so far because it was the months of Christmas lights, tea and spending time with your host family. The end of the first semester in High School and thus my first finals ever in my life:) I spent much more time with my friends and we went to the mall, to dinner, to Denver and much more. It was the months of baking cookies, going ice-skating and appreciating and looking back to an amazing 20I7, celebrating New Years eve and go snowboarding in the great huge Rocky Mount…

1st American Christmas

Hi guys

Today is December 25th and that means Christmas!!! I was looking forward to that day for a long time. In America everybody opens presents in the morning of the 25th. My host sister was so excited, she wanted to wake at eight o'clock, so we went up the stairs and there was a bunch of presents. We opened all of them and we got spoiled ... I got even presents of my host parents parents and aunts and uncles. We ate a big breakfast and went skiing. It was amazing to experience an American Christmas for once and I'm positive I'm never gonna forget that day:) It even snowed on the 23rd and so we had white Christmas! 
I think even if there are people who do not spend a lot of money during the year. At Christmas everybody gets a lot of presents and what I heard of other exchange students it was the same in there host family:) It's a great experience and it's great to experience Christmas in America instead of going home.