five months down

Don't give up at half time. Concentrate on winning the second half.
Make good use of your time, it flies fast.

wow tomorrow is the day! already five months down! time flies over here and I wish you all a happy new year! I had a great start in 20I8 and I already experienced a bunch of things in only a week:) School started today and I have some new classes, I dropped soccer again and spent a lot of time with my family and my friends.

So I want to tell you guys about my fifth month: This was probably one of the best months so far because it was the months of Christmas lights, tea and spending time with your host family. The end of the first semester in High School and thus my first finals ever in my life:) I spent much more time with my friends and we went to the mall, to dinner, to Denver and much more. It was the months of baking cookies, going ice-skating and appreciating and looking back to an amazing 20I7, celebrating New Years eve and go snowboarding in the great huge Rocky Mountains:) 

Snow yeah!!!!

New Year's Eve with the squad

Going to Downtown for a Croissant or a Mexican bowl:)

taking cute puppy hazel for a walk!

After New Year's eve which I celebrated with my friends from Spain and Montenegro, my host family including me went to Granby a place in the Rockies. We stayed in Granby and I tried my first time cross-country skiing. I found it funny that I had to first come here to finally try it... it was a lot of fun. After a day in Grande Lake we went snowboarding in Winterpark two days and I was snowboarding with my friends.. that was so cool and I really got to know the ski-area. One day we went the Steamboat, it's another ski-area approximately one hour a way. On January seventh we came back and I went to Denver to see Lana del Rey with two of my friends. The concert was amazing and going to a concert was one thing on my bucket list for this exchange year!  

Less than five months to go and I'm absolutely ready for more America!!!!


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