1st American Halloween


My first American Halloween started way earlier than the 31 October. It's tradition that most of the families decorate their houses. So we decorated our house maybe one week before Halloween and I started to fall in love with Halloween decorations and all that creepy stuff:) It's so pretty to walk along the street or if you drive pass all these little American houses and you see a bunch of cute decorations and pumpkins all over the places. To be honest I wasn't a big fan of Halloween before but now I definitely am! It's just because everybody is in that Halloween-Vibe:) When it gets darker the fairy lights are on and it's sooooo pretty!!! The weekend before Halloween two of my friends and I went to a big farm near our town and on this farm they had one of the Halloween attractions. It's called "Terror in the Corn". Basically you walk through a cornfield and there are people who are dressed up as creepy people or clowns, dolls or murderers and scare you. It was so much fun and it was great because there wasn't just a cornfield. There was also a "motel" where you went in and people scared you and when you came out again you were in a settlement and you walked pass these creepy little cabins and creatures or a man with a chainsaw scared you or screamed at you. 
It was such an American experience and I probably never going to forget that again!

On Tuesday 31 October I came home from school and we carved pumpkins. I've never done that before and it was so much fun. I carved two pumpkins and it made everything better. I was so excited for Halloween evening! On the evening itself I went to Hannahs and actually we wanted to watch horror movies but in the end we just chilled. The door bell rang and we gave out candy to these cute dressed up kids and the cute "trick or treat". It was so cute that we decided to give out candy for the rest of the evening and I was so happy. We had a great evening even if I didn't dress up myself it felt like real Halloween for the first time in my life.

The day after Halloween Hannahs host mom drove us to a Halloween store. It sound weird but everything was 50% off and that was pretty cool. I've never been to a Halloween store before but it's just so cool to know that in America you really have stores just for that event and if you believe me or not you find everything there!! I got some things that I take home to take some of this great tradition home. I'm already looking forward to scare my family back home!


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