Christmas Time

Hi guys

It's December 23rd, so tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! I'm so excited and since November in Christmas mood 24/7! After Thanksgiving we already got a Christmas tree and decorated it. While we were doing that my host dad put on the Christmas lights outside the house. It looks amazing and it's something I will miss back in Switzerland because not every house has decorations up and it just doesn't look that beautiful. During December I walked a few times home when it was dark and it's wonderful how the houses are literally shining and it feels like a big beautiful "Winter Wonderland"

I got all Christmas presents in November, so I wasn't in a hurry at all and could just enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. I made a advent calendar for my host family and I loved to see that they really enjoyed eating something sweet everyday:) I can't wait to give my presents to them and it's different for me this year because I'm used to open presents on the 24th and this year we're gonna open them on the 25th. I started making cookies yesterday and it's something that makes the whole holiday even more magical! I made "Spitzbuebe" and they turned out pretty good, so I will bake some more today. On Christmas Eve, we are going to go to a friends house and eat a lot, hopefully hahah:)
My friend Hannah went back to Germany for Christmas and so we exchanged our presents on Thursday. She got me a photo album of everything we did together so far and thank you so much Hannah! It's such a great gift to have all those memories in this book together. 
I do not really miss my family right now even if I should because it's Christmas. I love it here for real and I couldn't wish for a better host family!

I wish you all a merry Christmas and I will tell you guys how an American Christmas is like in a few days! 


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