My schoolday


My school day starts at 5.45am. My alarm rings and I really don't wanna wake up but I have to because I can't leave later than 6.40am. I wake up and put on some clothes after that I usually take my devices like my computer and my portable charger and put them in my backpack. I put most of my school stuff in my backpack the evening before because I want to sleep as long as possible. At 6.00am I try to go upstairs and take my lunch out of the fridge and prepare my breakfast. Everyday I eat something else, sometimes eggs, toast, rice cereals, smoothies or my favourite cereals Honey Nut Cheerios:) I prepare some snacks for the day and make myself coffee or tea to take on the way. When I'm done with that I go back downstairs and brush my teeth and check again everything and do some last minute things and my first alarm goes at 6.35am. It's the one to remind me that I have to go soon. I'm most of the time the only person who is awake so I really need my alarms and my time controlled. At 6.40am I leave the house and walk to the bus station. It's a 10 minutes walk through the open space so it's pretty but most of the time really cold! My bus usually arrives at 6.57am and while we are driving I really try to close my eyes again and take a little nap. 

At 7.10am-7.14am the bus arrives at school and I walk to the choir room where I have my first period Guitar. Hannah most of the time is already there and waits for me to arrive. We chat a while and at 7.30am school starts. Depending on the day the periods are longer or shorter. Monday, Tuesday and Friday are basically the same. I have all my seven periods and after the 5th period lunch. Wednesday I have late start but I only have second, forth and sixth period for 100 minutes each and lunch after second period at 11am which is too early. Thursday I have first, third, fifth and seventh period for 100 minutes each and lunch after fifth period which is too late hahah! I don't really understand why both lunches have such weird times. 11am is too early and 12.40am is pretty late. 
1st --> Guitar
2nd --> Spanish
3rd --> Student Assistant German
4th --> English LA
5th --> Algebra II
6h --> Catering
7th --> US History

At 3pm, school is over and I can go home with the school bus. It depends on the day if I take the bus or not. Mondays, I usually have orchestra and then somebody gives me a ride home or I wait until my host parents can pick me up and wait at school. When I have soccer training somebody drives me home or my host parents pick me up. However, when I'm finally at home I just want to grab a snack and lay in bed. My days are pretty long and I'm always really tired. If I have the energy I do my homework first because usually I don't have a lot and so I just do them and then I'm done! I watch Netflix or go for a run. When everybody is home, we eat dinner together, often we talk about our day and it's great to have one meal as a family. Most of the time, my host sister has dance until 7pm so we usually eat at 7.30pm-8pm. After dinner I really try to relax and make lunch for the next day.. yes my school day is really repetitive :) I hope you liked that post and see you soon:)


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