soon four months down

six days until I'm here for four months... wow the last month past so fast, it's crazy how fast the time passes over here. My November was amazing especially when I had one week off and we went for some days to Winter Park in the mountains where I even went snowboarding two times! Later during break I celebrated my first American thanksgiving and had a great time with my host family. We played games, we went on walks in the snow and had just an awesome time. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday because you really think about what your thankful for. I made my first thanksgiving turkey on my own and went to Ikea.
It's unbelievable how many things I already did since I'm here and I'm so excited for more!!
The first semester of school is almost done! Two more weeks and one week of finals and that's it. What? Where did the time go? I learned so many things and even if I can't always agree with the American school system it's really cool to live that life for one school year. My goals is to see my counsellor this week and plan my new schedule for the second semester. Some classes are just one semester long for example catering and guitar. Thus, I have to get some new classes.
Soccer pre-season starts tomorrow and I have now three times a week training in the Sport Stable. I'm nervous and hoping so bad to find some cool girls! There are some other things coming up like a guitar performance and two performances with the orchestra.
I'm want to visit my friend from Switzerland Jonas in Evergreen next weekend and wanna go on a hike soon!
We already decorated the Christmas tree and my host dad put up all the Christmas decorations and Christmas lights outside of the house! It's unbelievable how many families already have their decorations up and it's beautiful to drive along the houses in the evening. I'm in a huge Christmas mood and so excited for Christmas. I made a Advent calendar for my host family and I'm happy that they are really excited about that. Hannah made me one too when she heard that I didn't have one and seriously that was the cutest thing ever!!! THANK YOU HANNAH!
Last weekend my host mom and me also went to the thrift store and got for everyone an "ugly Christmas sweater". If you believe me or not but that's a tradition in America even online on homepages you find links to pages with "ugly sweaters". There are even ugly Christmas sweater parties.
Later this weekend I went down town Louisville and there was a Christmas lights Parade it remembered Hannah and me of carnival and we were so happy about that.


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