1st American Christmas

Hi guys

Today is December 25th and that means Christmas!!! I was looking forward to that day for a long time. In America everybody opens presents in the morning of the 25th. My host sister was so excited, she wanted to wake at eight o'clock, so we went up the stairs and there was a bunch of presents. We opened all of them and we got spoiled ... I got even presents of my host parents parents and aunts and uncles. We ate a big breakfast and went skiing. It was amazing to experience an American Christmas for once and I'm positive I'm never gonna forget that day:) It even snowed on the 23rd and so we had white Christmas! 
I think even if there are people who do not spend a lot of money during the year. At Christmas everybody gets a lot of presents and what I heard of other exchange students it was the same in there host family:) It's a great experience and it's great to experience Christmas in America instead of going home.


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