7 months down

Hi guys,
I know I'm almost two months (i already wrote this but never uploaded it until now..) too late but my days are just really busy here and that's the reason for not uploading this post ealier!
Wow it's crazy how the time flies for me. Seven months here and that means I'm in the very last two months soon. It was a really normal months so there isn't a lot to tell you but let's see what I can find:)

We had a four days weekend and I was at my friends home for the whole weekend, because my host-family went cross-country skiing and I'm not very into it, so we decided I will stay in Louisville. It was an amazing weekend, we went to some stores and got a lot of material to start our book about the exchange year! We printed pictures at Target, ate at Panera Bread, got a ton of stickers (we definitely felt like four year olds) and for dinner we ate in a restaurant and got burgers. It was a lot of fun. 
On February 23rd during my US History class I got a message from the organization who organizes the Trips to NY, CA and Hawaii. They told me there was one spot open in the California trip next Saturday March 3rd till March 10th. I was so happy and talked asap to my family and my host-parents and on the same day I booked my flights to San Francisco. Yes, it was the right decision to go on the trip because it was the best week of my entire exchange year! It was just amazing to talk to so many other students who experience the same as you and make friends from literally all over the world. 

In school there was nothing special that happened and my friends and I are really excited about spring-break. One week to go!! My host-family told me when I returned from my Cali-Trip about our trip during spring-break aaaand we are going on a roadtrip!! I'm so looking forward to seeing three other states and some amazing places but I won't tell where I'm going yet but you will read it probably in my next blog post. 

I'm so excited to go home, of course I'm gonna miss this life and all parts of this year but 10 months is such a long time and I cannot wait to see my family and my friends again so soon and I believe that these two months are going to pass faster than anything else and that's why I really want to enjoy everyday and make more memories! 

lunch photo :)

see you soon ida


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