almost 9 months

Hi you guys

It's me. After a long break of not posting anything. Yes i have a lot to do and to be honest I was not really in the mood to write something or upload anything. I wanted the memories to stuck in my head and writing everything down is sometimes just an affliction. BUT I mean I wanna write it down to remember so I'm back now!! 

Anyways, I had a blast the last months and there weren't a lot of spectacular things that would be interesting to share, but of course for me there were. Just living here is crazy and living this life. I must say time really flies and I will go back and 25 days. How crazy is that?! It feels like I just came and now it's almost over. Beginning of April, Hannah came back, yes she surprised us and I was totally blown away and could not believe she is real! Together we surprised the other girls the next day at school and none of us really believed it at first. We spent two-three days together and did the normal things like going to the mall, getting froyo, talking and more. So that was something really exciting about April and then going back to March, I had spring break and had an amazing roadtrip with my hostfamily!! I will definitely make a post about it:) We drove to New Mexico then down to Arizona and back to Utah and back home to Colorado. 
Sorry for switching months again but so this weekend April 28th, I had PROM and also for that I'm gonna post something OBVIOUSLY.

So yes I have not that much time left and definitely a lot going on. For April I had joined the Monarch Theater Group and we already had our performances. It was an interacting children's play and since I've never played in a children's play before, it was a great experience. Also backstage I got to know so many wonderful people and I realized how much I missed theater. Thus, I cannot wait to have my theater people from Switzerland back. 

Next weekend, Saturday May 5th, I'm gonna have my graduation. It's not the school graduation because unfortunately I'm not a senior here but International Experience in my region organized this Exchangeyear graduation. I'm looking forward to this and until then stay safe people:)


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