My unforgettable trip to California

Hi guys today I will tell you about my UNFORGETTABLE AMAZING trip to CALI!!
One week before the trip, I signed up because there were some spots open and I'm beyond grateful that I could go and my parents paid for it!! It was an unbelievably good trip!

My host mom drove me to the airport on March 3rd around 4 pm... but I woke up so easily because I knew where I'm off to :)! I made myself coffee and when we arrived at the airport I was on my own but that was no problem since it hadn't been my first time travelling by  plane alone. I got my ticket and went to my gate and first waited there for an endlessly long time.. you know I just wanted to be in Cali as fast as possible:)
I arrived after a loooooong time finally at the international airport in San Francisco and was looking for the group. I've already met some people at the airport and they were amazing!!! We spent two days in San Francisco and the rest in Los Angeles.


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